Simple notes

Many times I’ve been looking for a quick place to paste a load of text as I gather it from various places or need to tidy up some formatting before I put the text into a document. Back in the old Windows days I’d have a shortcut to Notepad on my Taskbar and just open […]

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Power Button Update!

Just found that the most recent Beta channel update has a feature that has been missing for some time, the power button puts the Chromebook to sleep! Up to now the only ways to make the machine sleep was to close the screen or let it time out. That’s fine in laptop mode but in […]

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Chrome Beacons

Another idea I’ve been playing with is to use a Chrome device as a simple Eddystone beacon to broadcast a url to local devices. I found this post by Francois Beaufort describing how to get it running with a link to some source code too: After a bit of playing (and remembering to enable the […]

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Time for an upgrade

Having found ChromeOS easy to use and only lacking a small amount of the functionality I was used to in an OSX world I was finding the speed and small amount of memory on the HP Chromebook 11 G1 was slowing down when I had a lot of tabs open or if I was loading […]

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I came to ChromeOS late I suppose after it’s launch in 2011, I had heard of it obviously but never looked at it as a part of my Windows and Mac world. Having started reading more and more about it, in May 2016 I went to eBay and spent £60 on a secondhand HP Chromebook […]

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