I came to ChromeOS late I suppose after it’s launch in 2011, I had heard of it obviously but never looked at it as a part of my Windows and Mac world.

Having started reading more and more about it, in May 2016 I went to eBay and spent £60 on a secondhand HP Chromebook 11 G1 to see how it worked in real life. It was a chance for me to look at an operating system that I hadn’t used before and explore the ChromeOS eco-system.


From the first time I booted it up I could see that although it wasn’t going to be as powerful or perhaps as functional as my mid-2012 MacBook, it was going to fit how I used computers; mainly grazing content, lots of messaging and the odd email here and there.

I loved the glossy black case, the keyboard, the ability to carry one charger for my phone and Chromebook and especially the light bar on the lid (even if it did face away from me most of the time).

The big thing that stuck out however was how easy it was to use, an interface that was already natural to me, limited options and settings, all the content I already used, the speed of booting from 0 to ready to go, a battery life of 6+ hours and the weight. No more lugging around twice the weight and a charger. Sacrificing a small amount of functionality gave me a straighter back and twice as much battery life.

I think I was sold.

My 7 year-old daughter was being given more and more computer based homework and I could give her the Chromebook to bash out a report here or there and do some internet research with worrying that a breakage would result in hundreds of pounds of replacement and without helping her find her way around the interface.

Since then I have acquired 3 more Chromebooks, a Chromebit and converted most of the family. I have also kicked off a proof of concept at work to see if they will fit the bill in our retail environment.

I’m definitely sold!

I thought I’d start this blog to document some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

I’m not a professional writer by a long stretch so please forgive any errors. Paul.


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