Time for an upgrade

Having found ChromeOS easy to use and only lacking a small amount of the functionality I was used to in an OSX world I was finding the speed and small amount of memory on the HP Chromebook 11 G1 was slowing down when I had a lot of tabs open or if I was loading a number of “heavy” pages.

It was time to upgrade.

Looking around in mid-2016 I had seen the ASUS C100PA amongst the others on offer. For around £250 at the time it wasn’t going to break the bank but would give me a faster processor, more RAM, touch screen and the 2-in-1 form factor. Could this replace not only my Mac but the iPad as well?

I hesitated slightly but the bonus of waiting was that the price came down briefly to £215!

Within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box it was powered up, updated and fully syncronised to exactly how I had the previous machine.


The touch screen is responsive, keyboard is a little smaller than usual but has a good feel and the whole flip-to-tablet is great. The hinge is strong but there is a bit of screen bounce if you stab at the screen  instead of gently press.

Battery life is around 8 hours so far at about 75% screen brightness but that’s fine for most situations sat at a desk or on the sofa.


The Rockchip CPU and 4Gb of RAM handles everything I need it to do at a decent speed, sometimes opening large Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets takes a few seconds longer than I’d like but it’s one of the trade-offs for the size and battery life in my opinion.


I soon sold the Mac and although “tablet mode” has a few annoyances (which I’ll try and cover in another post) it works well enough for the iPad now to be gathering dust.



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